Two Worlds

Two Worlds. May 2010. Objects, shelves, sellotape

This piece explores the notion that we live in the present and the past simultaneously, both states of being co-existing within us. I’ve tried to put the present and the past in the same shelving space, both worlds existing in parallel, using memorabilia and everyday objects as the metaphors for these remembered and lived experiences. My shelves at home do this, there are objects dotted around my kitchen that are part of my past life, and new things that have a place in this recent one. Putting the cocoons in a space with real objects is an exploration of how to present  the here and now in relation to a past that exists only in memories.

The shelves are banal in the extreme. I have taken my intentions to their logical extreme, using real objects which have no obvious significance and no specific link to an event or person. These objects are part of the everyday world of  mundane tasks and actions such as  drinking tea, sewing, mending etc. I’ve done this to try to go a step further in emphasising the difference between the objects on the shelves as part of  a present existence, and the suspended cocoon shells that are a reflection of our perception of  past events, their meaning and significance determined by us.

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