Untitled. 2010. Sellotape, carpet underlay dust.

Throughout 2010, I was exploring the mechanics of remembering and the nature of memories, attempting with this in mind, to synthesise object, material, process and context as metaphors for this. My concerns focused on the unfixedness of memories, recognizing that our recollection of a lived experience is subjective, uniquely connected to us, constantly evolving and changing with the impact of the new experiences we encounter. The source material for these investigations came from my collections and containers of mementos, and objects that are so familiar as part of the everyday, that their capacity to evoke significant memories is often overlooked, such as domestic furniture.

These experiments  involved transforming domestic objects that are signifiers of past experiences, associated with specific memories. I  selected materials and production methods which reflected the relationship between the two worlds in which we co-exist, our present, our remembered past, and the tension between the two. The notion that the past is all around us has pervaded many of my experiments and concepts such as trace, attachment and inter-relationships have been central.