Metamorphosis. February 2010. Objects, shelves, clingfilm

Metamorphosis began as part of my current practice and also in response to tactileBOSCH gallery, Cardiff, where an exhibition was curated by M.A. Art Practice and Moving Image students in February 2010. The gallery space I exhibited in is a distressed attic with carefully placed buckets to catch rain drops from the leaky roof, with lots of exposed beams and cracking paint. Residual evidence on every surface reflects the building’s past use. The place is very ‘lived in’.

I chose to explore notions of memory, linking memorabilia to attic spaces as places where objects are stored, holding evidence of a past, lives lived. This focus on memory and the imagination was informed by Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space  (1958). That recall is not only subjective, but relative to all lived experience, evolving and changing, has become the focus for the project. Merleau Ponty’s theories, uncovering the significance of sensory perception and embodied experience were central to my approach to materials, processes and contexts.

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