1SSUE is a project initiated by artist Richard Cox. It was originally planned as a one-off publication in 2002 inviting a small collection of artists to submit a page to this hand-made document. 1SSUE has had a rotating editorship since the 5th publication which also includes myself, Richard Cox, Hilary Wagstaff and Phil Mead. 1SSUE is produced approximately three times per year. The following images are a selection of my submissions. More info can be found here.

Pocket Remains: Islands & Asteroids. #3/22. Latex and ink on paper. 30 x 40cm. More…


1SSUE 40

1SSUE 40: Pocket Remains : Puddles.  30 x 40 cm


1SSUE 39. Pocket Remains : Bound. 2016-2018 collection. 30 x 40cm. 2018


ISSUE 38. Pocket remains: Overdrawn. 2016-2017 collection. 30 x 40cm. 2018


Pocket Remains: Overdrawn

1SSUE 36. Pocket Remains: Overdrawn. Selection. 30cm x 42cm. 2017


Issue35. Pocket archive : Lost continents. Stitched tissues

Issue 35. Pocket remains. Stitched. Tissues and thread.  30 x 40cm. 2017.



Issue 32. Pocket Archive. Dust drawing and dusted object. 2015. 15 x 40cm


Issue 32. Pocket archive. Dust drawing and dusted object. 2015. 15 x 40cm

Issue 28. Digitally worked dust drawing. 2014

Issue 28. Duplo Island. Digitally worked dust drawing. 2014. 40 x 50cm

Issue 27.  Photograph of hand-made objects. 2013

Issue 27. Dresser re-visited. Wrapped objects. Scanogram. 2013. 40 x 50cm

Issue 23. 2012

Issue 23. Holdall with red. Digitally tinted dust drawing. 2012 60 x 80cm

Issue 21. Photographs of labels and dust. 2011

Issue 21. Labels and dust. 2011 40 x 50cm

Labels Dress. Computer Generated Print. 420mm x 297mm. 2008.

Issue 13. Labels Dress. Digital design. 2008 40 x 50 cm

Three Spring Dresses. Computer Generated Print. 420mm x 297mm. 2007

Issue 12. Three Spring Dresses. Digital design. 2007 40 x 50cm

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