Circle of Trust



Portrait prints: Chris Nurse. Courbet portrait (top): Andreas Ruethi. Small paintings: Carol Hiles. Polaroid photo: Tiff Oben. Ceramics: Lisa Krigel. Scorch drawings (bottom): Heather Parnell



This is a collaboration between Chris Nurse, Andreas Ruethi, Lisa Krigel, Tiff Oben, Carol Hiles, and I. This is our fourth group show but there is a distinct shift in how we have responded this time around, to the gallery space at the Redhouse in Merthyr Tydfil.

Together, we’ve curated one monolithic block in the centre of the gallery. The walls are layered,  clad with the Generals that are the subject of Chris Nurse’s prints,  added to which are paintings and drawings. A shelf constructed around the central area has provided another location for  placing objects and ceramics, and two recesses have become the home of dusty panels and smoky fire drawings.