Pocket Remains: Object drawings

Pocket Remains – Ink and latex

I’ve been trying out some alternatives to the summer drawings in Japan of objects found in my pockets. In an effort to make a closer connection between object and drawing, I’ve been coating some of my objects in latex and printing on paper before washing with inks and clay solution. Each colour and texture brings possibilities for the context of the object and with it, ways of reading the image.



Pocket Remains – clay and latex

Art for All – Swansea does it so well….


Lots of activities were organized in parallel with the launch of the Glynn Vivian Open exhibition on December 8th. The culture quarter was buzzing and heaving with visitors, participants and the odd celebrity. Elysium artists opened their studios whilst Galerie Simpson and Volcano Theatre organized a plethora of wonderfully inclusive events, happenings, competitions and exhibitions for anyone between the ages of 9 and 90. The brilliantly titled ‘Paint a Peter Blake Portrait competition’ was utterly fantastic, so refreshing and quite frankly, joyous. Sir Peter Blake came to drink tea and choose the winners, all in the best possible atmosphere.

The event was so inclusive and welcoming, even I couldn’t resist taking part. I made a puddle drawing which happened to have the same silhouetted profile as Peter Blake, what  a coincidence!


Peter Blake comes to Swansea


Right now, in addition to the Glynn Vivian Open, a fabulous series of finely executed collages and illustrations by Sir Peter Blake are also on show in the adjacent gallery. In response to Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood, the work is imaginative, playful and a salute to the magic of getting lost in small artworks. Though produced this millenium, these exquisite drawings, texts and paintings often have a dreamyness about them that makes them feel part of a bygone era. Fab.

Glynn Vivian Open Exhibition


December 8th was a great day for celebration in Swansea. The Glynn Vivian Gallery launched its Annual Open exhibition, which received an unprecedented number of submissions. Here is a snap shot of the day and some of the artworks.



And here are my contributions to the show:

Pocket Remains: Hers and His. Plaster, handkerchief, fluff, archival box. 2018.


Pocket Remains: Bound. Scanogram of a range of objects bound with threads. 2018.


Socks, Soles and Spoons in Swansea


Kathryn Allen Hurni – Witness


Lots going on this month in Swansea. There is a new body of work on show by Kathryn Allen Hurni, New York based photographer at the Elysium Gallery. Kathryn was the 2017 ESPY International Photography Award winner. This exhibition : Witness, presents a series of images, often juxtaposed, forming a dialogue between each small collection.


Kathryn Allen Hurni – Witness


Exploring Place is the theme of the show at Volcano Theatre.  This joint show combines the photographs of Dhyana Fritsche with the three dimentional works of Mike Hill. Both artists use the coast as their starting point with different outcomes.






Finally at the Mission Gallery today, Glass artist Chris Bird-Jones kicked off her project ‘Spoon’ to be shown in 2020. This communal session involved soup and stories from visitors about their favourite spoons and an introduction to the themes around the spoon which are key to Chris’s practice. You can follow the project and contribute here.


Chris Bird- Jones: Spoon

Swansea Art: Glynn Vivian gallery


Yinka Shonibare

The sheer volume of imagery and ideas under one roof at the Glynn Vivian Gallery right now is extraordinary. I popped in to see the ‘On Paper’ Arts Council touring exhibition, and found so much more. Yinka Shonibare’s piece End of Empire dominates the main hall. So much more to see in the flesh; conspicuous motifs in vibrant african textiles, two figures bobbing up and down in frock coats, amid the signifiers of former British wealth and glory.


Richard Billingham

This was just the start. There was a beautiful exhibition of Richard Billingham’s work (did I just say beautiful?), and a humourous exhibition called A Spacewoman Dreams. 


A Spacewoman Dreams

On Paper was a BIG show with some great examples included. The artists included demonstrate the versatility of paper as a medium and the incredible ways in which it can be given purpose, shape ideas.  Here are a selection of photos. The work of artists like Anna Barriball needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.


Gwyther Irwin