Project Japan 2019 – Kyoto Arts Center

On the last day of our exhibition in Kyoto, we ventured forth to the Kyoto Arts Centre to see the work of Marcos Avila Forero. ‘Repeated Trace’ was a collection of 4 films . The work revolved around collective endeavour and some awesome outcomes resulted from collaboration.

One film documented a percussive work devised, practiced and performed in an Amazonian river (I think). The energy, focus and enjoyment of the individuals involved was infectious, all waist deep in the water, using their hands to create an array of wonderful sounds in a complex rhythm.

Another film involved a small group of men dragging a life size plaster boat on a journey which took them up hills, through towns, day and night across all sorts of terrain in Algiers. It was clearly a struggle and it left it’s mark; a continuous white line along the road as the boat slowly diminished, worn down. It was a very poetic work which reminded me of Werner Hertzog’s film: Fitcaraldo which also featured the extraordinary feat of pulling a steam boat over a mountain.


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  1. […] “a great way to make a drawing”. Fair comment…and her take on the exhibition is here. Before we go back to ASK we have afternoon tea in the Art Centre cafe. Heather and Laura tuck into […]


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