Socks, Soles and Spoons in Swansea


Kathryn Allen Hurni – Witness


Lots going on this month in Swansea. There is a new body of work on show by Kathryn Allen Hurni, New York based photographer at the Elysium Gallery. Kathryn was the 2017 ESPY International Photography Award winner. This exhibition : Witness, presents a series of images, often juxtaposed, forming a dialogue between each small collection.


Kathryn Allen Hurni – Witness


Exploring Place is the theme of the show at Volcano Theatre.  This joint show combines the photographs of Dhyana Fritsche with the three dimentional works of Mike Hill. Both artists use the coast as their starting point with different outcomes.






Finally at the Mission Gallery today, Glass artist Chris Bird-Jones kicked off her project ‘Spoon’ to be shown in 2020. This communal session involved soup and stories from visitors about their favourite spoons and an introduction to the themes around the spoon which are key to Chris’s practice. You can follow the project and contribute here.


Chris Bird- Jones: Spoon


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