Swansea Art: Glynn Vivian gallery


Yinka Shonibare

The sheer volume of imagery and ideas under one roof at the Glynn Vivian Gallery right now is extraordinary. I popped in to see the ‘On Paper’ Arts Council touring exhibition, and found so much more. Yinka Shonibare’s piece End of Empire dominates the main hall. So much more to see in the flesh; conspicuous motifs in vibrant african textiles, two figures bobbing up and down in frock coats, amid the signifiers of former British wealth and glory.


Richard Billingham

This was just the start. There was a beautiful exhibition of Richard Billingham’s work (did I just say beautiful?), and a humourous exhibition called A Spacewoman Dreams. 


A Spacewoman Dreams

On Paper was a BIG show with some great examples included. The artists included demonstrate the versatility of paper as a medium and the incredible ways in which it can be given purpose, shape ideas.  Here are a selection of photos. The work of artists like Anna Barriball needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.


Gwyther Irwin


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