Swansea Fringe – Paul Hazel


Swansea was alive with all sorts of wonderful activity a couple of weekends ago. Paul Hazel gave a fantastic performance at Cinema and Co on Friday 4th October. He put on a range of pieces, each a wonderful synthesis of sound and moving image. Some fragments of the Everyday were transformed into dazzlingly surreal creations, breathing life into all sorts of minutiae using symmetry and repetition. Some of the music was thumping, loud and intense, giving more than a passing nod to the world of Techno.


There was also quite a bit of nostalgia in the mix too. This was partly via narratives woven together using sci-fi movie samples, humorously incorporating flying saucers and women with twin sets and classic hairdos. It was also very present in the piece recently completed whilst he was on residence in Japan. Using amongst other things, the hypnotic sound of a train in motion, old film footage and the repeated image of a traveller looking out of a window, the piece had lots of narrative qualities and a sense of looking back and fore between past and present. Some fantastic pieces.





You can read more about Paul here.


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