Project Japan : Outotsu Hanten Print Exhibition, Tokyo

IMG_6012 ritsuwo kannosmall

Ritsuwo Kanno, Artist and exhibition curator (centre).

Last day in Japan before we fly back to the UK. In Tokyo. Where to begin, what to do with our few remaining hours? Having Paris deja vous, several museums were closed on Monday so we wandered to Uemo, a lovely park with lake, pagoda, zoo and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Amidst galleries on calligraphy, design and annual amateur art exhibitions we found this gem of a show: Outotsu Hanten curated by an energetic 72 year old printmaker called Ritsuwo Kanno, whose atelier is based in Osaka. Meeting Ritsuwo and his wife Kaoro Higashi (also a printmaker in the show) was an absolute privilege.




It was a huge exhibition with some of the largest prints I’ve seen (excluding those of Chris Nurse). The finesse of some of the work was exquisite, and the earthy connection to materials was palpable in others. There were all shades of exploration in between, a great show.

This project was made possible with the generous support of Wales Arts International and the Arts Council of Wales.


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